Loda Good Ole Days
Truck & Tractor Pull

Loda Good Ole Days
Truck & Tractor Pull

July 30 – 31, 2022


Our goal is to establish and host an annual community of truck & tractor pullers who enjoy entertaining the local & surrounding communities.


8am to 11:30 registration
Hook fee: $30 (includes 2 free pit passes)
 Pit passes $20.00

6200# Street Stock 4×4 Trucks
6200# Hot Street 4×4 Trucks
8000# Diesel 4×4 Trucks
20,000# Semis
Barn Yard*
4,500# Stock Tractor & 4,500# Open
5,500# Stock Tractor 5,500# Open
6,500# Stock Tractor 6,500# Open
8,500# Stock Tractor 8,500# Open
10,500# Stock Tractor 10,500# Open
12,500# Stock Tractor
15,000# Stock Tractor
IPA Farm Stock
IPA Outlaw Tractor
IPA Altered Stock Tractor
4X4 “Run What You Brung”

Class pulling order will be determined on the day of the event

* 4,500# Barn Yard restrictions: 9-15 Age limit. Must have parental supervision and immediate kill switch.
1st Gear only. No cut tires. 18″ Draw bar heigh

Where to find the fun

2 Blocks west of Meats Plus and Weber Fertilizer on Jefferson

Call us

For the fastest response to any questions or concerns, give one of us a call

Denny Starkey: 217-202-8240

Tom Caspers: 217-979-8813

Randall Irving: 314-435-5426


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